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100 Second Reel

Directed by M. Christie

Music by the Pixies


Product: Lays

Client: Pepsico (Spain)

Director: M. Christie (ADG)

Stylist: P. Andersen

Awards + Nominations

Mofilm Barcelona /N

The True Sea

Artist: Paul Dempsey

Label: Universal Music Australia

Director: M. Christie (ADG)

Stills Photographer: Macleay Herriot

Strange Loop

Wilco Loft, Chicago /N

Miracle Cure

Artist: Something For Kate

Label: EMI Music Australia

Director: M. Christie (ADG)

Cinematographer: M. Lapwood (ACS)

Photographer: A. Mitton

Awards + Nominations

Australian Directors Guild Awards /N

Screen Editors Guild Awards /N

Morgan Christie

Director's Biography

Morgan Christie is An Australian Writer/Director based in Los Angeles, ca, he has twice been nominated by the Australian Directors Guild (ADG), once for an Australian Recording Industry Award (ARIA) and most recently by the Australian Screen Editors Guild (ASE) for his work in the field of music video.

He has directed Commercials for international brands including Getty Images, Unilever, General Mills, Logitech, PepsiCo and Coca-Cola.

His debut feature film, Twelve Pointer is currently in development with academy-award winning® producer, Steve McEveety.

He is a member of AACTA, ADG, ASE.